Day nine.

The picture above is every clothing item I now own, minus five pairs of underwear, a bra, and my slides. The rest is being taken to Yoshi Now! (local vintage store downtown) tomorrow, unless you come over to paw through it. You'll notice I stuck to black, white, and grey, with the exception of the maroon sweater. I needed things to be interchangable, of varying weight, and able to be layered or deconstructed.

*two jumpers (one black, one white)
*five shirts
*one sweater
*one dress
*two pairs of pants (one pair grey jeans, one pair black dress slacks)
*one black skirt

I woke up at seven thirty this morning, and was out the door by seven thirty-six. No hair choices. No clothing choices. Lovely.

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Jenn said...

Damn, I wish I could rummage through your clothes :( I admire your ability to get rid of so much! I don't know if I, not the rest of America, could do that.