Schedule for Migration Immersion Project:

Week One:
Sept. 2 - Sept. 8
Staying with Kea (54-part time elementary teacher), Janet (82-retired), and Chris (19-student)
Clovis, Ca. house.
4 dogs, 2 cats.

Week Two:
Sept. 9 - 15
Staying with Nicole (20-data entry processor), Chris (52-reservations coordinator)
Fresno, Ca. Apartment, north side.
1 dog.

Week Three:
Sept. 16 - 22
Staying with Sarah (20-pre med student), and 35 other females (ages range from 18 - 22)
Fresno, Ca. University sorority house.

Week Four:
Sept. 23 - 29
Staying with Kim (24-Christian education coordinator), Doug (26- dispatcher for the city of Sanger), and Cary (newborn)
Fresno, Ca. House, Kearney area.
2 cats, 1 dog.

Week Five:
Sept. 30 - Oct. 6
Staying with Jefferson (33-advisor to F.S.U. paper, The Collegian, and staff member at the university), Tracy (22-dj and student at F.S.U., barista), and Marcus (26)
Fresno, Ca. House, near F.S.U.
1 fish.

Week Six:
Oct. 7 - 13
Staying with Tomica ( 25-Denny's and postal service), Steve (27-televison station), and Talisha (26-graphic designer)
Fresno, Ca. Apartment. North side.
1 cat, 1 dog.

Week Seven:
Oct. 14 - 20
Staying with Martha (mid eighties-retired).
Visalia, Ca. Retirement home.
1 cat.

Week Eight:
Oct. 21 - 27
Staying with Ryne (22-student), Randall (23), and Andrew (23)
Fresno, Ca. House, near F.S.U.

Week Nine:
Oct. 28 - Nov. 3
Staying with John (38-fitness instructor)
Fresno, Ca. House, downtown.
1 dog, 1 cat.

Week Ten:
Nov. 4 - 10
Staying with Elizabeth (editor at magazine), Roger, and Graham (4)
Fresno, Ca. House, near Fig Garden.
3 dogs.

Week Eleven:
Nov. 11 - 17
Staying with Robin (33-instructor at College Of The Sequoias, program director of Gay/Straight Alliance), Kathy (53-instructor at F.S.U.), Sebastian (4), and Jackson (1)
Fresno, Ca. House, near downtown.
2 dogs, 2 cats, 1 bird

Week Twelve:
Nov. 18 - 24
Staying with Jim (42-reporter at magazine), Eric (36-paint, retail)
Selma, Ca. House.
1 dog.

Week Thirteen:
Jen (39-Sales rep. for magazine), Wade (41-artist)
Fresno, Ca. House, near Millbrook and Ashlan.
3 cats.


Jenn said...

Oh I can't WAIT to see the results!

elizabeth said...

A week with John! that will be smelly. i mean, interesting. hee.

Kristin said...

This is going to be very interesting.

very very interesting.

Love the stats. This will help me keep everything straight.