Week Two-Chris and Nicole

"Boy, he is being a pill."

Chris says this while we are watching a Sopranos marathon in the living room. She's talking about Tony and Carmela's teenaged son, who can't seem to bear talking to his parents. This seems to be the central area for all activity for Chris and Nicole at their two-bedroom apartment in Northeast Fresno. We eat here while we usually watch television. Commentary and laughter are not sparse.

Chris just worked a full day at the travel agency, and then she went to a graphics class. It's ten fortyfive pm, and she just got home. This is normal for a weekday night. While Chris was in class, Nicole and I walked her dog, Oreo, and then putzed on our computers and watched shows about birth defects and serial killers.

"They make me feel like I'm ok." Nicole's explaination regarding her choice of programming makes sense. Nicole is a rock and roll kid--she spends her weekend traveling up and down the state going to concerts, coming in after driving for hours on end. She's exhausted and you can see it in her eyes when she walks into work.

Party hard.

But she's found her comforts, which I am impressed with at her age. She loves her dog. She loves music. She loves her mom and they talk like they are friends. It is a tiny place, but they don't seem to tire of one another's company. That's not to say she is happy or content--rather, she admits that she is uphappy most of the time.

This doesn't upset me.

She and her mother seem to have a relationship that most would be envious of.

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Kristin said...

I am getting more and more curious everyday that you do this.