Last night was not a big night.

One girl gave her boyfriend a new watch and went to an expensive dinner. Most of the other members went to an "Around The World Party". I don't think anyone sleeps. There are required study hours everyday (this particular sorority has the highest required GPA for membership), usually planned philanthropy activities on the weekend, meetings, powerpuff football practice, plus being full time students and going to parties. As someone who feels like they are busy all the time, I feel like I have finally met my matches.

They operate like this everyday.

It's ten in the morning and girls are coming in, dressed in sparkly shirts and heels from their nights out. Last night they kept milling in and out of each other's rooms, borrowing clothes, adjusting bras.

"Does this make me look fat?"

"Nono, just make sure you stand up straight and wear heels."

At the fraternity pinning two nights ago, there was hand shaking and hugging and candles and these silk robes. All the lights were off and I was hit by how seriously this was taken. Really, the only time I see this sort of grave pride and dedication is in church or the military.

This is business--a calculated social network of acedemia. Buy your letters. Buy your stay in the sorority house. But before you pay, you have to be selected. I'm convinced at this point that thats the most important aspect. Nobosy takes the words "sisterhood" with a grain of salt.

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Alice said...

Just wanted to write how much I've enjoyed following your journal of activities. Your reporting has been courteous and neutral regarding each indiviual's personnel and private living situations. However the writing is still interesting to the reader. Good job!