Week Three-Delta Zeta Sorority House

My cousin Sarah is an officer in the FSU Delta Zeta chapter. I don't know her very well, but she's always been really sweet to me. I had no problem asking her if I could stay with her and check out the sorority house for a week.

I knew that this might be one of my tougher weeks, and I was right.

Usually I am well aware that I don't live like other people; this is nothing new and even sometimes gives me a brief sense of superiority. Girls will say something to one another and then look at me with a grimace, "you didn't film that, right?" I say don't worry don't worry. I'm not hanging out to judge you.

I asked one girl, a sophmore, what her major was. She replied, "Civil engineering," and grimaced. When I asked why she made that face, she said people usually have some silly reaction about her being blonde. I told her, "you don't need to make a face to soften the blow for other people."

There is pink everywhere. There SHOULD be a blow.

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