Certain things are easy when you are with family. Certain things are hard--for the most part, you are familiar and comfortable, but that in turn breeds honesty, which can often be cutting. I thought this might be the case with my grandmother, but no deal. I met all of her friends. They told me so many stories and were so encouraging. My grandmother seems to have the same sense of humor I do, and so we can spar back and forth.

I felt bad leaving. As it was, my time with her, though I was at her place for a week, was limited because I work two jobs and the retirement home is a 45-minute commute. I didn't mind getting up early to hit the road in the morning every day. Most of the time I am around other people, and don't realize how much I value my alone time. I would choose my commuting music the night before, much like some people choose the clothes they are going to wear.

We went to a Sons of Norway dinner with my uncle and cousin last night, in Tulare. I put her name on every raffle ticket, and she won two different door prizes. She also won the biggest item--a handmade afghan. She was embarrassed, but I told her she had luck on every finger. Third times the charm, and stop while you are ahead.

I'm going to Ryhne's later this evening. He goes to Fresno State, and is in the marching band. I've known him for a few years. He lives with two other bachelors. I'm sure fridge pictures are to come.

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