My legs ache.

Spin class. Yoga class. It's only Tuesday.

John is an instructor at a few different gyms in town. He says he "lives like a retired person", waking up seven hours after whenever he happens to fall asleep. He's so busy though, with a shop that he uses to fix vehicles and motorcycles, digging out an underground room in the backyard, and working on the house that I don't know how he has the time to rest.

John will be midway through a story and mention some odd job or experience that I never knew about, and it throws me off and makes me smile. His bottom four teeth got knocked around, and he had braces attached to the back of them to put them back in place. He likes to put chili on ramen noodles.

I found his wallet and a dated poloroid of Emily in the driveway.

I thought this project would expand my cannon of experiences, but now I wonder if I'm just living vicariously.

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