On Monday, Ryne and I went for a walk.

I used to take walks all the time in the evening, but haven't since this project started. It was so nice to get out and see things again. Watch the ground and sky. Smell something other than my pumpkin air freshener. I found a little plastic heart that had the word "sweet" printed on it. I made sure to pass it on to someone who needed it this morning.

The thing about walking from Ryne's is that you are somewhere between fields and city. He lives in Clovis, technically, right next to Fresno State. It's a busy street, but right behind it are fields that belong to the university. If you walk two blocks north, it smells less...rubbery. The house itself is really quiet. Three bachelors live here and the place is clean--it even smells nice.

Ryne always dresses up. A tie and a suit jacket two nights in a row. His roommates have been around each other for so long that they spar like they would be cuddling at night. Right now one is making eggs and the other is playing the keyboard.

I told him to not read music and make something up.

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