Ryne and I went to get coffee yesterday. We sat outside. He ate a bagel and I had frozen lemonade. We were on the way to a recital a friend of his was having at the university and I kept thinking about how nervous I was, having not been there since graduating, really.

Two guys sat down next to us. One, in his mid-forties, with thinning long hair and glasses; the other in his late teens, tight jeans and a surf shirt.

The bespectacled guy kept asking the other questions, and he would answer back yes or now. I thought I could hear him squirming, and it made me feel uncomfortable.

This went on for a good twenty minutes; question, yes/no, question, yes/no.

Finally the bespectacled one said, "let's go look at furniture" and they got up and went to the home store across the street.

I realized they hadn't ordered anything the entire time they had been there. Rhyne and I looked at each other. I wonder if my own akwardness will ever be sacrificed for a fake confidence.

I wonder if more people are concentrating on self preservation and ducking out of the unnessessary going through the motions. That furniture store sounds pretty damn nice.

To John's house I go. I don't know what week it is anymore.

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