I've always been intrigued by the idea of efficiency--the lessened output of energy, the shortest route between two points. I look for patterns in behaviors and activities and habits. When I develop my own, its often not without careful consideration.

I've noticed how my body is changing. I am eating with other people, so I follow their eating habits. I thought I might gain weight (my acheilles heel!) and so before the project started I promised myself I would not touch the scale. I brought two pairs of shoes, and the heel from one pair broke off, and I ended up borrowing a pair from a friend, which resulted in a monster blister. This, in turn, resulted in the purchase of the cheapest pair of shoes I could find; a bright pink pair of flip flops from the grocery store on the way to job number one.

The difference between us and other animals is that we posess the capacity for imagination. We get on our wheels anyway.

I don't change my clothes anymore. I've been wearing the same shirt and pair of pants since last Saturday, and no one has mentioned it to me. No one at work, no one I'm living with. I don't know if they haven't picked up on it, or if it's such a taboo that people are shying away. At any rate, I don't smell. I wonder how long I can go. I think it's important to see how long you can go with everything. Washing clothes when you hang out at an office? There is no point, especially when you shower every day. What are we so paranoid about, when we are so strong?

Acknowledge your prattling and paranoia. What are you wasting when you indulge in these vices? There is a hell of a lot of clutter out there, but we can afford to be selective. I read that we become like the five people we hang around the most. Keep that in mind when you are rolling your eyes at your friends.

Favorites are so very important.


tracy said...

did my shoes give you a blister? im sorry..

Aurore said...

Ah T! No worries! It's all part of the adventure. And if that's the worst thats happened so far, it's just fine with me.