This is how I am starting to feel most of the time.

Those bags are natural.

This is my uniform.

Every day.

Today I go to the retirement home to stay with my grandmother. What is interesting about her is that she is very curious, very sharp, very much like myself in that we have similar interests in fashion and travel. When I left high school she got me a subscription to W magazine, which shaped me into a snob about recognizing cuts and details. I don't see her too often, and so I am eager to know how this week will develop. I think we might drive one another crazy. I think we might also develop more much needed rapport.

This particular retirement home is on the posh side. When I tell people where my grandmother is at, and they are familiar with retirement homes in the area, the statement is, "Oh, I wouldn't mind living there". Nice, large reading rooms with overstuffed chairs, a dining room, chandaliers.

I am hesitant to say I will be out of my element, because at this point I am beginning to wonder what my element is.

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