Tomica made an effort to be my friend over the summer. At first I was taken aback by this (only in that I did not know what to do with this information), but then she explained so logically and even handedly why we would make a good team that I could not help but be intrigued. She’s smart, friendly, and forthright, all things I want to be.

She lives in a two bedroom apartment with her boyfriend, Steve, who works at a television station, and Talisha, who is a graphic designer. Talisha is housesitting for a friend, so she won’t be at the apartment til later in the week. Steve gets home from work a little after eleven at night. I haven’t seen Tomica (she works two jobs—at Denny’s and for the postal service) and I don’t know when I will see her next.

This is the first time during the project that I’ve arrived initially at a home and no one has been there. Steve put his key under the mat for me earlier, so I let myself in. It’s dark and I realize that every other time I’ve been over here, I’ve been drinking. I have slept on this couch before, last August. I woke up at six in the morning, finally sober enough to drive home.

This place holds memories for me, so I’m at a loss when I see pictures of Talisha and her ex-girlfriend still up around the place. They broke up a good month or so ago. Cassi moved out of the apartment. Talisha now has the master bedroom to herself. I ask her lots of questions about being newly single after so long, but end up more confused than clarified.

There is a dog and a cat roaming around the apartment.

Tomica calls Steve “a lighter thief”.

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