I woke up, and I was 27 years old.

I was hunkered over my shampoo and some shirts in the middle of the bedroom I am staying in. It was seven in the morning. I heard John start playing the drums outside my room and then he asked if I was clothed. I said yes! And he scampered in (uh-huh, scampered) and gave me a huge hug.

He told me what happened when he was 27. Big changes.

And then John showed me two of his music boxes. I was so sad to have to go to work.

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Alice said...

Nov.2, 2007
Happy birthday! Hope you enjoyed your special day. I reflected on it, thinking about how much of your life I was allowed to be informed of and how lop-sided the knowledge was. For example: I was allowed to know intimatly how you lived from the beginning of your personality. Then you became more private with your life, (more or less) after your teen years. Yet when I mention so many experiences that I remember in a positive way that happened when you were a child, you don't remember them or even the effort on my part to make them happen, and believe me some were not easy to bring about! So, I suppose this is all a natural situation, (even though it confounds me as a parent)and I should be glad that I have the emotional relationship I do have with you and I do call it a blessing! Even if I am not living with you anymore, it is good to know that your being allowed to really know people by living with them and not necessarily by being married to them. I am persuming that this aspect should add extra depth to your artwork. Your in my thoughts often, daughter.
Love, Alice