This was the first deck I've ever painted, and it was fun because the shape was so different for me. It took longer to sand the thing down than to actually paint (it was a strange find--a brand new board with a blue and black design in the parking lot next to Sushi 80's at River Park). It made sense that I would try something new with Jenn in mind. She's taught me countless new things.

Just finished this skateboard for Jenn's birthday. Anyone who knows her is aware of what an Amazon this woman is! Happy birthday, wife. You're the best.


Sarah Marie said...

How random is it that you found that deck! A little art gift from heaven, or something. I really like this board... I like the little road and the notes and the little hearts and that sexy girl in the middle! fun stuff. You're awesome!

Aurore said...

Thank you, you are too sweet!