Spring makes me jumpy. It's the best time for me to make to-do lists, and the best time for me to be motivated enough to cross things off as they get done. Spring makes me want to hug more people I don't know because I feel their positive energy, and tell the people I am close to that I love them. Spring is how some people feel about Christmas. Everyday is beautiful and you have to savor it, because pretty soon it's going to change.


Sarah Marie said...

For some reason I feel that I love spring even more this year than I ever have. I don't know why I'm so excited about it... but I guess it's always good to be excited about something!!!! I like you description about spring...

Maybe I'm so excited about it because this is my first spring where I'm not in school, but stuck inside our office all day-- it makes me long to be outside! So I'm so grateful that when we get out of work the world isn't all dark but there's some sunlight left to play in!

What did you get at the goodwill btw? I wanna know! I haven't been thrift store shopping in a bit... I should go! Hope you have a great weekend! Oh, and I adore that girl's style on that link you showed me.

Aurore said...

Spring is especially exciting here because it only lasts about two days! Two perfect, special days! Bliss. Ohhh, a few weeks ago the Salvation Army had clothing half off the already paltry prices! I bought a lot for ten bucks--a few shirts, belts (a brown woven one inspired by you!) and some scarves. You know how I love me some scarves!