And then there was arthop.

Those of you who have met my good friend John know what sort of person he is--truly, in every positive sense of the word, an artist. He doesn't show his work (rather, he works on things that can't be shown, like underground living areas and building houses from the ground up out of things found in garbage piles and at thrift stores), so I was so excited when he told me on the phone that I had to come down to gallery Corridor 2122 to see a "surprise". I arrived right after work this evening and was elated when I saw these:

It has been awhile since I've gone out to see art shows, but this solitary evening was nice. I left Corridor 2122 with wings attached to me, hope for my dear friend who seemed elated, and rightly so. Every time I am around him, he is humble about his interests and talents, and so people don't expect a slow takeover of beauty from him.


Jenn said...

Amazing! I totally dig the white one... and my dad would probably love these too!

Sarah Marie said...

I love how you wrote "a slow takeover of beauty from him."

What a fun surprise!!! I love, love, love the second one. It is neato-burrito! I love bikes and art so I think it's a great combo! Ooh! I just noticed a little heart near the top of the piece. Too cool!!!

Aurore said...

Jenn--The show just opened, so your dad has time to get down to the gallery and check it out! The whole thing is bike themed, and I'm sure he'd chuckle a little at all the cool stuff.

Sarah--Aw, I really try to get my descriptions of people as accurate as I can. John is so unassuming, and then he wows you! There are a few hidden surprises, like the heart, on that piece. Good stuff.