Dream Home.

I wanted to share this amazing fort that was posted on a blog in my dear Google reader today. Funny because yesterday I got an email from galadarling.com asking for an imagining of my Dream Home.

This particular fort was made by http://www.bjarre.org as an instillation. You can see a few more pics of the project here, at his flickr.

In the past two months I've found seemingly perfect places to live--the first, a tiny house all to myself; and the second; a shared loft with high ceilings and lots of light. So when I was confronted with the idea of a fantasy home, I was conflicted. What would I change? What would make me most happy? I've lived a lot of different places, thanks to my project last year and a nomadic upbringing, and I think I would just like an open, small space. Some sort of area where you couldn't tell the difference between the outside or the inside, save for knowning that you are safe and protected. A glorified treehouse? I also like the idea of portable refuge, hence my love of forts.

I don't like doors if I am living by myself. I do like kitchens and eating cross legged on the floor. I like no t.v.s and lots of paper hanging from the ceiling. No knick-knacks, but lots of books stacked high as they can go. One tea set. Candles on the ground and natural light during the day. Four plates and sets of utinsils. Plants lining the front area--I'd say "door" but I don't like doors. I would have a walk in closet, and I would put my bed in there, and then use the rest of the space as a studio. Wood or cement floors.

My fantasy is juxtaposed by how lucky I am to be living where I do right now--a low rent situation with Jenn's mom and grandma. I am not writing this to look a gift horse in the mouth--but rather to visualize my own future and take stock in what I have.

Jenn was in an accident yesterday, and it could have been so much worse than it was. I found myself selfishly floundering, "I CANNOT take another call like that." April 2008 has been kind; Jenn's alive and it's jolted me back into humble grateful thoughts. Car accidents blow, but fatal car accidents blow a whole lot more.

I am not sure I am ready to jump into the fantasy life I want just yet; but at least I know exactly what that life consists of.


Centa said...

When Adam first met you I asked how things were going and he said, "We built a fort! She is awesome!"

Mike Eckelkamp said...

Uh-Oh blog friends now too.

P.S. Forts are rad.

Aurore said...

Centa-I was just stoked that he was ok with the fort building! Not what I was expecting on a second date, in the best possible way!

Mike- My fort is your fort. They are for friends!

Sarah Marie said...

First of all, that fort is freaking awesome.

Secondly, I'm really really sorry that Jen was in an accident. That's so scary. I'm so glad she's Ok.