I'll be selling some older prints at the Yoshi Now! Flea Market this Saturday. I'm excited about this every time I do it. If you've ever been to a Yoshi's Flea Market, you know it's a bit different--there will be bands playing, coffee, pizza, and handmade goodies galore (I always end up with a few new pairs of handmade underwear and earrings, hopefully matching). Please come out and say hello!

That said, I am completely taken with Michelle Williams right now. She's my venus, I just can't get enough. I saw her new Vogue pictures on Kime's blog, The Moldy Doily, and have not been able to get my mind off her since.

That haircut! Tap shoes! Jumper! Be still my beating heart and marry me.


- said...

Looking forward to it!

Sarah Marie said...

Um, I think I'm in love with Michelle Williams. Ack! I always knew she was a doll (of course!) but these vogue pics are soooo the so!!!! I wanna chop off my hair and be michelle williams!!! Eeee!!!!

and so excited about yoshi now!!!!