Songs That Saved A Ceramic Pig's Life.

When Kim and Jenn came back from Mexico, I was presented with a ceramic piggy bank. It was hideous, and I think that's part of why it was chosen for me (I've been known to gravitate towards ugly prints on clothing, merely because other people are less likely to buy it). I ended up painting the piggy bank from the bright red, green, and yellow it originally was, and coating it all white.

I've found that it has served to be both the bane of my existance and a great comfort. I'm lucky to have friends who thought of me on their trip. It's a dear reminder of the good fortune I do have.

I also signed up for muxtape.com. I didn't do anything too fancy for my first go around--just some of my favorites. You can check it out here if you are so inclined. I think the next time I create a ""muxtape", I'll really dig in and choose a theme or unifying thread. The former college d.j. still lurking inside is just waiting for a chance to shine in the indie nerd spotlight.

And please, if you are on muxtape.com, let me know! I want to hear your creations.


Stephanie said...

i signed up for muxtape but i havent really done anything with it. ive stopped really making mixes for people it seems because no one seems to appreciate them.

Aurore said...

That's too bad. I haven't made a mix tape in a long time, but I can see doing more with the computer. Maybe we should do mixes for each other?

Jenn said...

I will never forget the look of disgust on your face when I gave it to you. <3

Sarah Marie said...

Hee! I love that the pig was picked out for you because it was ugly-- I also love ugly prints! Or I'm really into ugly yellow-brown!

Yay! I can't wait to check out what you've created on muxtape! Let that former college d.j. out! Before I was a d.j. at KFSR, I listened to your show and thought you were way cool! It's true!