Blue Kim.

Tonight I met up with Kim Burly and took a few pictures.

I'd like to start using my camera more.


Jenn said...

You make me proud. <3

Nix Sidhe said...

There is something about Kim in these photos that just makes me think of California. Is that weird? I love the cool tones all around her face with the warmth sort of spot lighting her mouth and eyes. Very dramatic.

Sarah Marie said...

These are really, really neat. And as nix sidhe said-- they kind of do give me a very Cali vibe. Great work! I think you should DEF start using your camera more! More pictures! More posting! I demand it!

And btw, thanks so much for that tasty fudge the other day-- and i still need to come over and take a peek at your magazine!

Kim Burly said...

You're so much fun. <3 Thanks for always playing!