new spring.

It is going to get bigger. I've been reusing the paper plates at work. Pulling them out of the trash for portraits.

I moved into a nice place downtown, with cement floors. I was telling Laura that I am so excited about this feature--I'll be able to tape down my work to the floor as I go. The only downside is that right now I don't have the internet, so my blogging capabilities are a bit stymied. My roommate is sweet and funny. The ceilings are high and there is beautiful sunlight. I am looking forward to tomorrow morning, as it's the first time I'll be able to sleep in (for me, thats til about 8) and let the light between the blinds rouse me.


Laura said...

Aurora! These are awesome drawings! I love this idea.

Remember my Target idea, well I did part one, I lasted an hour and a half, I never realized there is no music in Target, it's hard to stand for a long time drawing, plus my arm got tired from holding my sketchbook, definitely felt more like a performance piece than anything else. Plus I started to feel like why am I wasting my time with cheap made goods I wouldn't want anyway.

Sarah Marie said...

Congrats on moving into a new place! That's so exciting! It sounds just lovely. Sunshine is indeed very important! You only sleep in until 8? You crazy! I love sleeeeping so much. I guess that's a big DUH since I'm late pretty much every day. You are so awesome for reusing the paper plates at work! Do they have food on them?! I must know! What do you do with them to clean them? Or do you not? Are they smelly? These drawings rule.