She is a LADY.

Here's the deal-- I'll be at Yoshi Now! this Saturday selling lots of new work. Adam is still working on getting rid of all of his cds and books at low low prices (like really low, I think he was talking about a dollar an item). Come by and say hello. We are going to see how long we can stand the insane Fresno heat, and then retreat back to my loft.

Laura and I are collaborating on a cartography/fort project, which I am excited about. I also have a group show set up for August. Things are getting busy again!

I am also back on the internet regularly, so I'll be keeping this blog up a little more.

EDIT: I just read on Sabrina Ward Harrison's website that she will be doing a conference June 6-7 in Los Angeles. I won't be able to go (I have a really hard time in L.A., plus no monies!), so I think I will use that weekend to hideout and have my own mini-art-retreat. Anyone who is interested in coming may join me. Bring your favorite supplies and references. I think this will be good.

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