Sarah Said.'s most recent blog is about consumption. So interesting that this was posted during the time I was working on this painting about my uniforms--the only two outfits I wear during the spring and summer. We must be on the same wavelength. Sarah writes about the toll shopping takes on our resources, and yes, while that is true, I've really found that I enjoy looking at lovely clothes more than buying them. I usually end up at the mall at least twice a month. It's one of my favorite places. Staking out a good seat and opening my sketchbook there seems to produce interesting results, if not good ones. I like the streamlined formations of people, I like the glaze, I like the bright popping colors.

For the time I spend at the mall though, I end up buying my clothes mostly at thrift stores. This is where I ended up purchasing my latest uniforms. Every summer, it seems, I get one dress, one pair of shorts, and one shirt that I pretty much never take off. The dress this year is from Goodwill on Shaw. It is made of linen and skims past my knees. I can't think of an occassion it wouldn't be appropriate for. The shorts are from a different Goodwill, on Blackstone. And the shirt is from Adam's floor. I put it on and decided it was mine. Thank you, Adam. The consistancy and mindlessness of a uniform really appeals to me, even on a purely asthetic level.

Laura did a project where she went into Target and attempted to sketch everything she wanted. She said it didn't work out well because she felt like it was more of a performance--people watching her, her arms hurting from the sketchbook. By the end, she couldn't understand why she was intrigued by those things in the first place. I'd consider that project a success more than anything else.

And picking up where Laura left off, Wardrobe Refashion is a blog about challeging people not to buy clothes for a certain amount of time. People get very inventive making their own clothes. They talk about their slip ups and their discoveries. It seems like such a great motivator with a positive incentive, that I'll likely take part myself.


Sarah Marie said...

Hey Rory!
Thanks for the shout out on your post! That is crazy that you were working on your painting and I was blogging about the video-- it's a sign! Or something. Anyways, I really, really like your painting-- the colors are gorgeous! I like the yellow background too! Hee-- I love that you have two uniforms and I love that you stole Adam's shirt. That's great! That's so awesome that you know how to sew and can make your own clothes! What a cool idea to make dresses and skirts out of thrift store sheets! I took a sewing class in high school (called fashion and design or something) but I wasn't very good. Maybe I should try again some day!

Sarah Marie said...

p.s. I'm glad you liked my pissed off pictures! Hee!!! I can't wait to see your new haircut!

Laura said...

Moving to a new town, looking around at everyone else and especially starting new jobs. I found I was looking at my wardrobe, which has remained very basic since I moved, inspired by you of course and thinking why can I only shop at Thrift stores? and feeling kind of critical about it , but then again had to remind myself that for those of us who are not satisfied with the status quo and what everyone else is doing, we prefer to create our own everything. Our own individual mark in everything we do. It's inherently us I think, to shrug off what is presented and create something completely of our own.
god we need a good visit.