Arthop Thursday.

Tomorrow evening is Fresno's monthly Arthop event. All of the galleries and museums in the area open up and you can tour them, for free. Most of the receptions for these venues are also on Arthop night--which means free alcohol and food! I'll have a little area up at Gallery Lea in the Tower District, along with some other artists. Feel free to stop by, it's been awhile since I've shown, and I'm excited!

Here's the address info:

1253 N. Linden Avenue, Fresno
it's located directly behind the Tower Theater

I'm hoping for weather that's as pleasant as it was tonight. Breezy with bright sun. Sometimes I feel so lucky to be in Fresno.


Sarah Marie said...

That's so cool you had a little area up for Art Hop! I'm so sad I missed it! BOO!!!! Um, I'm pretty sure that this means pollstar should change their deadline to Tuesday or Wednesday or any day other than Thursday cuz that means no art hop for me! Ok, maybe dont change it to Friday cuz that would mean today and I wanna go home NOW! Yes, the weather has been so lovely-- I love that you said sometimes you feel so lucky to be in Fresno. You're wonderful and positive!!

edluv said...

damn, i didn't check your blog for a few days and i missed your show. i've enjoyed looking @ the images via the web and have wanted to see it all in person. i even drove by that art hop stop and thought, "huh? art hop there?"

some other time.

Aurore said...

Ed-That place is hidden, but sort of beautiful. Sort of a hidden treasure that eventually could explode. I'll have some more things lined up soon.