I am a lucky person because usually someone is having some sort of party in my circle of friends. Birthdays, weddings, receptions, showers--even parties for no reason. My favorites are ones with cake, and I will tell you why.

I love a good caking.

This time around, at Wendy's wedding reception, Cho and I changed the usual caking situation up a bit and caked ourselves. Self-caking, I think, is a bit less pleasureable than the surprise of a more common friend-caking. Either way, I end up with more cake on my face than in my mouth (I'd much rather eat a pie than cake).

People always seem surprised when the caking action actually happens. Is this a party or what? C'mon!


Sarah Marie said...

Oh man! You are so awesome!!! Heee CAKING! I love it! You girls look so cute & delish dressed up and with cake all over yer faces!

Kristin said...

Right before the caking Chad warned me and told me to get out of the way.

I was saved from cake.