The Broken West has been the perfect summer soundtrack for on the spot dance-offs. I usually end up listening to a band intensely for a month or so (the album stays on repeat in the car and in my loft), and then switch to a new one. It drives people nuts when they are around me. I like knowing every word, every hushed breath, every drum solo so I can allow my body to be fully involved.
Anyway, The Broken West. Fun rock on Merge, and worthy of your mouse clicking energy. And a Tegan and Sara cover! Swoon.

Other music worth checking out:

Liz Phair- Ant In Alaska
Lavender Diamond- You Broke My Heart
Doe Deere- What U Like

What have you been listening to?

Last night Jenn and I went to Scoop's, the new ice cream shop in the Tower District. She had cookies and cream, I had rainbow sherbet.

I asked Jenn about Coldplay and U2 and Aerosmith. Am I totally out of the loop on why these bands are selling, what about them appeals to people? Someone's buying this, right? I guess I kinda get early U2, but Bono's current bravado cloaked in good-doing gives me the shivers. Isn't that sort of mind-fuckery what Satan majored in in college? I saw a poster for some video game featuring Aerosmith. Maybe I don't get that because I don't understand the excitement over Wii or Playstation or anything really with a button. Or maybe I've just never liked Aerosmith, despite having a girl crush on Liv Tyler. And Coldplay doesn't feel fresh or heartfelt or even fun.

Maybe this is what it means to be a curmudgeon. A snob? So be it. I do like plenty of mainstream music, but I don't get these bands at all, and worry that something might be going over my head. See, the thing is, I don't want to miss out on anything, even if it blows.

I mean, I do love The Hills, after all, and everything that comes with it--including Heidi's new opus, "Fashion". Why can I stomach Heidi Montag, and not The Biscuit 3? Is it as simple as Heidi knowing she's not a serious artist and not attempting to pull the wool over anyone's eyes? Heidi wants to make money. I relish that honesty.

I can't believe how much I wrote about this.


Centa said...

Kaki King's new album is good I think (although my boyfriend does not, but he is a rapper. Really.)

And no, all three of those bands are lame. Either that or I am a curmudgeon too.

Sarah Marie said...

Oh man, I'm listening to "Fashion" again! hahahah. HEIDI!!!! Maybe you can stomach The Hills and "fashion" and such cuz they're SO BAD they're good?! Hmm... well my parents really like U2 and I really liked Coldplay's first album but I really listened to any of their other stuff. Have you heard their first album? Maybe you'd like it??? As far as the whole Aerosmith thing, yeah, I don't love em but I can rock out to some of their radio hits in my car, just for fun. Now, the Wii game... maybe once you try guitar hero, you'll love it! I hate 99 percent of video games but guitar hero is pretty dang awesome!! Hee... curmudgeon, snob or grandpa hipster!!!