Call for Cake.

I think that I shared a few caking pictures a few weeks ago. Here are some new ones. I love them so!

Have you met Cho?

She is one of my favorite people. The great thing about living in Fresno is that I am surrounded by good folks. Cho is thoughtful and caring, with a wicked sense of humor. She loves the Korean pop star Rain and makes business cards for everything. She made me business cards with Tegan and Sara lyrics on them. She is as excited as I am about a good caking--and even raised the bar by suggesting a self-caking. Trust me, you haven't lived til you've done that.

That said, I'm looking for someone to model for me this evening for a quick poloroid project for a show on the east coast. Send me an email if you are interested.


jze said...

Chut UP. I am not.

Sarah Marie said...

Aww!!! Cho is adorable! You guys are both so cute! Yay for friendies! And cake! And I love your Tegan and Sara business cards! SO cool!

Ok, I'm a big o nerd --cuz when I saw your twitter about a "quick poloroid project for a show on the east coast" - I totally read it too fast and I Thought you were being silly, like you wanted to go to the east coast to take pics! oh man. Good luck finding your model! Dang, I'm still at work or I would say I'd do it! Can't wait to see the final product!

Ooh- and I cant wait to see your belt! Guess what -- the outfit I posted on my blog doesnt include a belt but that's the sash on the skirt - I had to tuck in my tank to show off the wanna-be belt and sash.