Two nights ago, Kim Burly, Jenn and I headed over to Fresno State to watch Alix Olsen and Kimberly Dark perform. I have had a good ten-year relationship with Alix Olsen's work, so I had been thrilled when I found out that she was coming. I had a little Alix Olsen countdown on my dayplanner.

We had a great time--Alix was everything I had thought she would be, and I fell a little more in love. The truth is that lately I've been immersed in my own heartbreak and haven't given much thought to much else. That night felt like a break. I had missed being passionate and active and eager to learn, which is what feminism had originally brought about in me. I'll always call myself a feminist, and I have a hard time understanding why anyone would reject that idea. I think I'll always be on call as far as recognizing patterns in relationships and investing change and awareness on some level. It just seems to be employed myopically right now.

The only disappointment I had regarding the show was that the theatre was not filled up. It makes me sad to know that this wouldn't warrent more interest in a place like Fresno, which soaks up so badly needed cultural commentary. The show was funny, sexy, cheap and thought-provoking. I would have thought with CSU Summer Arts backing the performance and Fresno State's history with feminists in art, people would have been standing in the back. I don't know what people want anymore.

Alix said that "shyness is a tool of the patriarchy" and it was something that made me laugh a little. A rally-cry steeped in truth.

I've been repeating it to myself since.

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Stephanie said...

thank you for the introduction to alix olsin. i cant believe i didnt know.