I thought you would never find a new love again

Once upon a time (last night or early this morning, depending on your alarm clock setting), I had a dream about an old friend. He's a respected musician, and I haven't talked to him in a long time. I saw him sitting by the pool at a party. There was cider and white shorts and tans. He smiled and waved and I sat down next to him. I gave him a big hug and asked what he had been up to. "Touring," he said quietly. I asked how it was going and he said it was a new band, but that things were the best that could be expected. "Who are you touring with?" I had to know.

"Coldplay," he mumbled, looking down at his feet dangling in the pool.

I must have a cynical demeanor, even in my dreams, because immediately after his confession he put a pointed finger up to my lips and said, "Don't say anything." I opened my mouth a little. "Don't EVEN say anything, please."

Golly, am I so transparent about that band? Sometimes I worry that I pass off my being cynical as having integrity. Even I know you gotta pay the bills somehow.


Kristin said...

We enter Coldplay dates. And dates for worse bands. I guess everyone is a sellout. Probably. Or at least has a price.

Sarah Marie said...

I love it! This is hilarious! I was just having an discussion with John about this and how you didnt understand Coldplay and how Jim said he didnt understand why their tour was so successful ... and I told him that whenever bloggers talk about how they're excited about Coldplay, I think they don't have that good of taste in music! HA! Maybe it's the old college DJ in us that makes us such elitists? grandpa hipsters!

jze said...

Jonny. Buckland.

kasiukasiu said...

coldplay is a SHAME. a SHAME. but to tour with them wouldn't be such a shame. bc shameful bands are sometimes ace people. so go back to your friend in the dream and hug him and all.