Pretty in pink, my least favorite John Hughes movie.

On Sunday, Jenn and I put together a few photo ideas. We picked up Sarah and took her back to the loft, where I did a painting on the wall. Sarah hopped into her tutu and Jenn put together some amazing lighting and took pictures.

After talking it over with Jenn, I think the photos are appealing and expressive, but don't necessarily hit the mark. I do sort of like the painting on the wall and might keep it up for a bit. Here's a few of the photos:

And here's an outtake Jenn took of me:

Where are the potstickers?!?


adammarler said...

Man, what is my camera doing there in that

p.s. that is pretty rad

Stephanie said...

wait are you the photog? in the bizarre event i ever get married would you like to shoot it?

Aurore said...

Adam-when your camera is around, I try to be like Jenn!

Stephanie-I'm soo not the photog; that would be Jenn. She's amazing and does weddings and you should def. keep her in mind if you do get married!

Sarah Marie said...

Yay! Go team us! I had such a great time being involved in this project! Thanks for asking me to participate! And I got to meet Jenn and Mary-Kate and Ashley! Woo! And wear a tutu and crazy-ass makeup. Good times! I love your idea for this project! oh, did I tell you it reminded me of "Bust" magazine? If I did, I'm sorry, I meant to say "Ms." magazine. Here's a link to the cover my friend was talking about https://msmagazine.com/images/Spring2008.jpg

Sarah Marie said...

Aurora-- you are so awesome!!! For realz! Glad we got to hang out and do the photoshoot!

Katie @ Très Lola said...

they are really great shots.