Replace, retract.

I had dressed up like Jenn. Actually, I was in her backseat. She was driving. Her jumper, the green plaid one, was on the floor next to me, and I tossed it on for a laugh. I had a my gifted poloroid camera next to me. She took the picture, and I didn't smile because Jenn doesn't smile too much in pictures.


Sarah Marie said...

Ah, this is so much fun! I love it. And that's funny that you didn't really smile -- gotta play the part! You girls have so much fun together! I want a polaroid camera! Neato.

Kim Burly said...

I like that no notice is paid to Mein Kampf in the feminist section... You know omitting details istomatic of patriarchal takeover of your SOULLLLL.

Kim Burly said...

that was spelled correctly before Cary took over the keyboard with his patriarchy. Symptomatic.