Baby crib.

Kim gave me two sides to a baby crib. The crib used to be her mother's, as in when her mother was a baby she was in it. I was so stoked! Best gift ever. I'm working on the other side as we speak. I don't know really how to hang or set up this sort of thing, so if anyone has any ideas, please let me know. Thanks.


Kim Burly said...

oh wow, Aurora! I knew you could do something amazing with it! I can't wait to show my mom this picture!

- said...

That looks totally rad!

Put it back together as a crib?

Zoée Nuage said...

Umm totally ghetto but for me I'd just put two nails into the wall and hang the board onto the nails where the opening is [the three balls opening... the nails could be in the corners] That'd work out nicely. Or even three nails, two in the corners and one in the middle.

Another option is to get strong durable wires and nail the ends onto the back of the board and use the wire to hang it onto the wall, and screw a hook onto the wall.

Zoée Nuage said...

BTW I love it, it's awesome!

Aurore said...

Kim- Glad your mom digs it! She'll have to come out to the show--I'd love to have her there of course! What would I do without your family's old wooden castoffs?!

Adam-Yeah, that's a possibility. That might be wack!

Zoee- As ghetto as it might seem, that's likely what might happen. Hahah! And thanks for the compliment. xo.