When I found out my friend Dottie was coming through Fresno, I called a few ladies. Burlesque is sadly few and far between in Fresno. I went to Full Circle Brewery downtown with Ashley, Kim, and Jenn. Pasties and root beer!

Uni and Her Ukelele:

Dottie Lux:

So fun and so adorable! My only sadness was that there were not more people there. Why isn't this town representing?


edluv said...

where did they advertise?

Sarah Marie said...

How was Full Circle Brewery able to do this? Do they need zoning permits or something?! Maybe I just don't know about these things! But I'm very intrigued! I wanna know how everything works!

Aurore said...

Ed--Not sure, I think that's a big part of the ball being dropped. I only saw it advertised online at Livejournal, through Dottie herself.

Sarah--No clue! I guess you are mentioning zoning because of the nudity, but Dottie never was actually naked, she always had some panties and pasties on. Hot!

AntiMusick said...

If i would have had known and have had a ride I would have checked it (her) out. :-)

I think there are ABC laws defining what kind of performances can be done at a place that serves alcohol.

Now the city and county may have some different laws, regarding this.
I do know that what was shown in that photo falls in to the theater performance category, so they might get away with it, like they did.
I only know some of this because 4 years ago I read the ABC rules on this for a fetish event.