Go eat something awesome.

Confession time: I am one of those people that is constantly watching her weight. I gained a lot over the course of this year due to stress, and have been trying to cut back. Normally, I think there is a certain trepadation that comes with approaching a new change in how you eat; but, honestly I eat far better when I'm on a "diet" than not. See, I'm a sucker for nasty, greasy things. Things like Carl's Jr. Western Bacon Cheeseburger. Things like fried tempura. Things like cookies and cream milkshakes and blinzes.

When I'm dieting, I don't cut back, really. I load up on fruits and veggies. Really, I eat more now than when I was going to Carl's all the time for lunch.

Living downtown has made this easier. Last week, Kim Burly took me to Central Fish Co. I had been there before, years ago, but my living situation didn't allow me to make it downtown much at all, save for the occasional show at Tokyo Garden. This time, I felt like my eyes were wide open! Fresh fish, produce, and something I had not been able to locate for at least a year in Fresno...

Shirataki noodles!

I'm a noodle lover. But I'm also watching what I eat, and that means super limited carbs. Oh, my weakness! My love! Shirataki noodles fit the bill though--they are low calorie and delicious. I grabbed a cucumber and a tomato, and a package of pre-made potstickers from the freezer section. DINNER!

It wasn't hard to put this together. Since it's still sweltering in Fresno, I wanted a cold noodle dish. I cubed the tomato, mixed in some fresh basil, and threw it together with the shirataki. Sprinkled a bit of parmesan on top (another weakness--cheese!). I sliced up the cucumber and drizzled lime over it. Actually, I drizzled lime over everything.

I'll tell you why. Last summer Laura and I decided that there were certain foods that go with everything else. Waffles, for instance. We made a few from scratch. The real fun was putting together little concoctions to go on top. Cheese, of course. the usual fruits, strawberries, grapes, and syrup. Tomatoes, garlic and basil. Some chocolate, I think. There was more. We brought the kitchen table to the backyard, and set each little bowl on top of it. We then proceeded to section off each waffle and dollop on each topping.

Anything can go on a waffle!

Anyhow. My point is, I think a lime is like a waffle. It can go with everything. So, this evening, I cut one up and drizzled it over the shirataki, the potstickers, and the cucumbers.


I heard once that a "proper" meal should have a variety of color on the plate. I usually don't prescribe to "proper" things, but boy, does it make things look more appetizing.

Food is so, so good. Go eat something awesome!

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Sarah Marie said...

Oooh Yay! You added waffle pictures! So fun! I love that you brought it outside! It's a picnic! And I love that you put cheese on waffles! Man, I need to get on the healthy eating train -- maybe I should go try this central fish place! I've never been! I must see it! And oogle all the pretty dishes you were telling me about. OH noes -- another bad habit- shopping! I must work on cutting back on this too! But yes, your dinner looked delish! Maybe they ARE on to something with encouraging all the different colors! Great job!