David Horvitz Film Exchange.

Awhile ago, I was asked to do an instillation for a Xiu Xiu show in Visalia, with Laura Goldstone and Jennifer Emerling. We were excited--Xiu Xiu is one of those rare bands that sounds so unique, otherworldly and magical and somber all at the same time. During the show I picked up a handbound book of photographs documenting the band's previous tour.

David Horvitz isn't actually in the band, but he's been taking photographs of Xiu Xiu for years now. His blog is serene and beautiful, something special to behold. Go there. Go there now. He will blow your mind. For a recent project, I sent him a disposable camera, and he sent the film back.

There is a full roll; 27 of these in all.

If you'd like one, email me and I'll give you my mailing address so you can send a stamped envelope. Til then, I'll be pulling a David Horvitz and faxing these out across the world. Theme/destinations to be decided.

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