I Will Always Lava You (Whitney Houston breathing situation)

"but all you really wanted
was everything

and everything

plus the truth
I only poured you half a lie"

O Stephen! You still blow my mind, after all these years.

Stephen, you ANGEL.

My slavish devotion to you shall never end, instead it will grow with age. I wanna get cozy with all of those pictures, but my favorite phase (asthetically) is still your moustache phase. I know you have two fake front teeth. Me too, my love. Marriage Shmarriage. I'm hanging your pics up in my locker and checking them out between homeroom and gym. Hope you are ready for study hall, I have some pretty fly dance moves I'm sure your gangly body can learn if you aren't smoking a doob.



Kristin said...

Man I wonder if I could sell pictures of Steven on Ebay. I am going to sell everything there. I am addicted to money.

Aurore said...

That is a good thing to be addicted too. Better that than coke, right?