Who's got the button?

When I was 12, I discovered a lot of things. Music was integral to helping define who and what I liked, and I went in as full bore as a 7th grader could. I locked up in my room memorizing liner notes, I wrote zine upon zine, and of course, I accumulated a hefty collection of buttons.

I work at a music magazine now, so I'm still surrounded by tour dates and bravado. I don't pledge my undying allegence to any one band, I don't really wear band t-shirts. But I can't give up buttons! They are still small and understated. They are utilitarian if you need to hold pieces of fabric together. They are little conversation starters.

Basically, they are awesome. And these are little pieces of art.

When Taryn Hipp wrote about her artist collaboration project, I knew right away I wanted to be part of it. Taryn's done buttons for me before--but these are special. Full color and sold in a set, they are only available at Taryn's online store, and at my shows.

There are only fifty of these sets available, so snatch them up while you can!


Sarah Marie said...

This is so freakin cool! Mamma like!

Zoée Nuage said...

Yay I love buttons [even though I have a horrible curse of constantly losing my buttons!] AND I love Aurora so it's perfect really. I bought a package of your lovely buttons along with a few other buttons of hers. It's so weird because I found her MY MY etsy shop a while ago and even BOOKMARKED it!! Then I see you mentioning her. It's meant to be! Haha.

I'd love to make my own buttons one day. I really want a button maker!

Aurore said...

Sarah- Ha! I love that you are using "mama like!"

Zoee- You are too sweet! Thanks for getting some buttons, I hope that you love them. Yeah, I can't say enough about Taryn. She and her site rock!

Sarah Marie said...

I love your expression "mama like" so the much-- so how could I not copy you!? I wanna be Aurora! hee!