Article For Wikipedia about Jennifer Emerling

I am writing Wikipedia profiles for each of my friends. Let's start with Jenn:

"Jennifer Emerling (aka jenniferemerling.com) is a self-proclaimed lightstalker and visual journalist. Her work has appeared everywhere from thefresnobeehive.com (online gossip rag for her native Fresno, Ca.) to the hallowed halls of her alma mater, Brooks School of Visual Journalism. Emerling is well known for her distinctive hyper color representations of women. Her father, Skydog, claims that although he is proud of his daughters accomplishments, he won't be satisfied until she finds a few hours to spend with him watching Xanadu.

If you would like one, please let me know. I will be happy to write that up for you!


Laura said...

Me ! me ! me ! oh! do Me next!! PLEEAASSEE!!

Nix Sidhe said...

Aurora, you know I would be honored to have you write a wiki about me.