Busy City!

It's true--when it rains, it pours. In this case, I'm grateful. I've always thought that the more I have on my plate, the more I'm challenged to work it out. I love having to write notes in the margins of my dayplanner.

I've got some fun things lined up, the most immediate is this weekend. I'm sure you know that Dr. Dog is coming to The Cellar Door in Visalia on Saturday. I'll be doing some artwork for the show. Can't wait!

I'll be shooting a video for Kid Mud in the coming weeks as well. If you haven't listened to him and enjoy lo-fi sweet sad songs, do check him out. I've got so many ideas but haven't gotten committed to one. Woe is me.

Saga Festival is coming up soon as well, and I am going to be setting up a booth. I did live painting for this all-women's festival two years ago (the only one in the Central Valley, as far as I know!) and got rained out! So I'm planning on going all out this time. WATCH OUT!

And here's a nice profile that Sarai at The FSU Collegian did on my work. Sarai was so nice and asked thoughtful questions, but I was nervous ... even after a brief interview coaching session with the self-dubbed Karl Rove (Barl Pove?) of Interviews. With time I hope to get more relaxed.

Or learn how to drink more beer. :( This lady has a lot to learn.

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