Paper Sledge Hammer

I don't think I have shared much about Laura.

I met her in a sculpture class at Fresno State University years ago. My mind hadn't opened up that wide yet--I was making zines and d.j.-ing and going to shows, which was like high school, only I didn't have a curfew. There were a million things that impressed me about her: she made her own clothes, she had once sported peglaterals, she wasn't inhibited about dancing, she was positively analytical about art. Those things haven't changed, but now I am impressed with her bravery and her soul. You know those people that don't seem to come from this world, or you feel like they are here for some other reason beyond human comprehension? Jenn describes those people that have open hearts as precious, and Laura is definitely of that ilk. She and The Silver Fox need to meet. Anyway. Laura is a big-stepping adventurer and wears her heart on her sleeve. I sometimes wish I could be more like that, just as feeling but more honest. We ended up living together last year for a few months in the summer. It was a grateful retreat. I can touch wear everything was in that house. The ironing board, the three doors in my room, the cracked window, Laura's garden, and the tree fort we made in the backyard.

Note: It is great to have friends as role models.

Laura's most recent work on her blog blew me away.

I am telling you right now to watch out for this woman because her ideas are huge. Laura's blog is here:


It's in your best interest to check her out. She's in San Diego now (lucky them!), but soon she'll be all over the world.

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