Fresno Disconnect.

The "Lock It" show is still up til the end of the month, but I'll still trying to get as many pieces up as I can. Do you know about galleries or shows that might be good for my work? Please send an email! I am trying to stay on top of things but it's near impossible.

The Dr. Dog show went smoothly--so many people! I guess I haven't been out in awhile. The truth is, my life has so drastically changed since January that I don't have much extra time to do the fun social stuff. When I finally do go out, it's a bit overwhelming. I saw people I hadn't seen in years and my reactions took me by surprise. It probably hasn't been that long but I'm convinced my brain warps things. I also had dinner with Liz, who is amazing and motivated and talented (need a party dress? She's your lady.) We wandered around downtown Visalia and I was so impressed. Little boutiques and independent restaurants all in one place. I especially loved the Foxy Lulu shop. Usually I don't buy jewelry, but that stuff, I would drench myself in.

What is the disconnect in Fresno? Why is Visalia able to have a thriving downtown with creative commerce? Is it in Fresno and I just don't know about it? I know about a handful of independent shopowners in the area. Surely I am missing out on something fantastic. Help me out here. Give me suggestions!

It's getting to be near Halloween, which means I'll be going to Eric's performance of "Rocky Horror". Can't wait! Do you have plans?

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sarah marie p said...

Hey girlie girl! Thanks for your comment, you big o sweetie! :) I really want to see your show before the end of the month! I just must! I wanna seeeeeee!!! I will. That's it and final. It's a plan. So sad pstar Thursday got in the way of me going to your opening. But anyways, I'm really so happy for you about your show and I hope you find more places to show off your genius work! I loved your interviews, btw! You are too cool! Yeah ... I really don't understand why Visalia rocks it but Fresno not so much. Hmmm... I was born in Visalia, so that's pretty cool. Ha. (didn't grow up there, was just born there. my parents lived in yosemite and drove down to Visalia to have me.) Whoa- this is the longest comment ever! Yikes and bikes! I'm way excited about Eric's show!!! Too bad I won't be here for Halloween though -- I'll be in Reno that weekend campaigning along with John, Dana and her boy Steve for Obama!