Thanks to everyone who came out last night to the "Lock It" reception. I felt very loved, and I'm so appreciative! I met some new people and had some great conversations.

There's been some press about the show. You can find it in the Fresno Bee's "7" magazine section today. It's a nice long interview. I haven't seen it yet, but I was told it's about a page long! Holy moly.

Yesterday, the interview was posted on Fresno Famous, our local arts and events website. Josh Tehee asked some great questions. You can find that here.


I also got a sweet mention on The Beehive, thanks to Mike Oz. That guy's a gem.

For those of you who found this blog via that interview, thanks for checking it out. There will be more stuff up soon, I promise! I've got only about a few hundred projects up my sleeve, and I'm dying to spill the beans, but no!

It's always sweeter to wait. C'mon, silly. You know that.


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Kristin said...

Spill The Beans! Spill the beans!!
Like my Haiku said.

"I need you to keep my apt. decorated"