It's a party tomorrow!

Tomorrow I'm shooting the video for Kid Mud's first single. I've got a good-looking blonde lead, but need some extras. I'm looking for females, any age, who can bring a pair of "fancy" heels or flats along. No worries as far as doing your hair or even brushing your teeth--I'll be using you from the waist down.

Please, please email me if you have a few hours and can lend your presence! aurora.armijo@gmail.com. Tell your friends. Tell your friends of friends. I need your help.

And, oh! Borders finally got the new copy of Lula in! This is my favorite magazine (followed only by Frankie) and though it pains me to shell out 17 bucks every few months for it, I always breathe a sigh of relief because it's worth it. So. Gorgeous. This layout is not from the new issue, but shizah.

I've been borrowing Adam's camera, which is huge and beautiful compared to my sad silver number. An hour with it is like an hour in myspace heaven.

Time to listen to some more Of Montreal. It's a party this weekend!


sarah marie p said...

Good luck with the video! It sounds like sooo much fun! I can't wait to see it! Sooo exciting! Yayay!!! Man, 17 bux?! That's crazytalk. But it must be worth it. Love the self portrait -- you look gorgeous, darling! ANd I do love Of MOntreal ... have a great weekend! xoxox

Laura said...

what kind of camera does he have? I'm thinking about upgrading.

Aurore said...

Laura- it's here:


and its awesome.