"People I Make No Apologies For Wanting to Make Out With."

Stephanie wrote a doozy of an entry about people she wanted to "suck face" with. There was a time when I was really into the idea of crushes--I made no bones about whom I wanted to be my Valentine every year (ok, it wasn't tough to guess--it was always Stephen Malkmus or Steve Martin. I am a creature of habit and pattern, if nothing else).

Stephanie's post did something beautiful. It made me realize that even now, at the ripe old age of 27, I am still very much crushing.

I will now tell you that I will not be talking of the quasi-eye roll inducing answer that usually comes out when a lady is asked about her affections. Boyfriends, husbands, girlfriends, and wives just don't count in my land of kissy-face. That's love, people, and it's grossly precious and private, and should be kept as such. I don't mind gushing about a significant other, but that has no place when you are talking about unattainable stomach flip-flops.

I also will not be talking about Stephen and Steve, save for the mention in the previously written paragraph. You've probably had quite enough of that mooney-ness. These are other crushes. I have many. Probably about ten posts worth.

I'll start with my newest crush, Rachel Maddow:

I could say fantastic things like how smart, articulate, and full of zingers Maddow is. OR NOT. All these things are great, and you will realize them when you watch her show on MSNBC. But the real hook for me was that she does not own a t.v. Less t.v. always means more time for awesome things, like eating an oatmeal cookie together or figuring out how many swampdogs exist in the Fresno area.

Oddly, Maddow has the same haircut as an ex-boyfriend. I loathed this haircut on him, but absolutely love it on a lady. What's the deal? I am fickle. That is the deal.

Tegan Quin:

Tegan is such a treat!

Witness the new Tegan video. I refuse to use the full name of the band she's in with her sister, because all of the "good" songs are written by Tegan. Why give Sara credit? Tegan has a great haircut. I can't do that with my own hair, in fact, sadly, mine looks more like Sara's. But I do like Sara's shoes. :( Anyway. My point is that this song is gorgeous and simple and you get really good shots of Tegan's fantastic teeth and her ptosis. I love her tortured facial expressions! UGH. Let's hug!

I am so nuts about this video that I got a Tegan birthday cake from Jenn and Adam over the weekend:

(Forgive the photobooth pictures, my camera has kicked the bucket. I must make do.)

I was going to write about two other people I have crushes on, but I'm running out of steam. How about a list of crushes?

Current Crushes:

* my new thrift store pantsuit
* Jenn landing an appointment with National Geographic
* Corrine "Third Degree" Burns
* Michael Ian Black's blog
* Apple pies and tarts from scratch
* The Fresno State Planetarium on a surprise visit

Phew. Ok. Now tell me about your crushes! Please. Lists, paragraphs, I don't care! I want to know what you like to dream about!


Centa said...

My list:

-Rachel Maddow is also on my list of crushes (and also my twitter!)

-Pierce Brosnan has always been one and I was recently reminded by this: http://cache.gawker.com/assets/images/jezebel/2008/10/pierce102708.jpg

-Bob Dylan (Centa + Bobby D = tru luv)

-Chicago deep dish pizza with pepperoni and mushrooms (this is a killer one)

-Windows with quaint curtains (i'm even considering making some, hah)

-Andre 3000 (also always and forever)

sarah marie p said...

That is the coolest cake ever! Was it your bday? Or is it just more fun to call it a bday cake? And yes, I also love Rachel Maddow! Lava!

Anonymous said...

i dont know who Rachel Maddow is but now i want to!

Jenn said...

I, too, want to get to know Rachel Maddow. Is she in New York? I will bring her home for you!

You know my current crushes already... Ben Folds tops the list by far, followed by Stephen Colbert and Dean Spunt. This changes often. I don't stay obsessed with many people for too long.

When are you going to make your Tegan pumpkin?!

Adam Marler said...

got a crush on obama
my teacher
every boy
my best friend
you poems
a guy
my professor
obama lyrics

thanks google!

Katie said...

How could you possibly say you don't like Sara Quin, when she is part of Tegan and Sara? You can't support the band and not like one of them. What happens when their new album comes out? Did you forget that they are writing songs TOGETHER this time around??

I find it horrid that you could decidedly hate Sara. If you haven't noticed they ARE twins....so it really makes no sense to hate Sara....

Anonymous said...