Baby Steps.

The opening reception for The Fresno Art Museum's "Small Treasures" show will be this Friday, from 5-7 pm, in the Moradian Gallery. You'll be able to bid on all of the works, including the one I made in the previous post. Here's more info.

I hadn't heard The Chills before, but I'm loving this song.

I am eating better again, and have lost five pounds in the past week. It's amazing what just cutting out meat and fats does. I'm eating so many vegetables and fruits and my body feels so much better. I cook a lot instead of going out. I've been using recipes at hungrygirl.com as a guide and bulking them up with veggies and tofu. Last night I made a quiche and it cost me 8 dollars for all the ingredients, and should last me about three days. Same for the stir fly last week. Nuts. I've been really inspired by Bread And Honey and Crops and Rawbers. It's really nice to have this cooking time to myself, to create while I zone out listening to music or with a movie on. I feel more confident. Veggie eating is delicious and simple and it makes me wonder if someday I'll have the capacity to eat raw. Baby steps!

I always kick myself once I start eating well again. How could I have gone so long eating sub-par, quick, greasy, expensive food? My body wants to be maximized, and I've been actively denying it. Food is a treasure, and I should be treating it as such.


Elizabeth said...

OMFGBBQ DUDE. i am a huge Chills fam I even got them on the cover in - what - '90? and have kept in touch with Martin Phillipps for all these years. you. don't. even. know.

Laura said...

this looks like a video you would make.

speaking of food, you've encouraged me to stop eating out, well being broke had a hand in it too. Made a mini lasagna last night, with layers of squash, mushrooms and spinach. so tasty.

my boss eats raw, she hasn't used her oven in 5 years! She does use her microwave to steam veggies though.

I miss you!