Cute things.

Adam dubbed this "The Day of Cute". Granted, he said this at the end of the day, so maybe the theme wasn't apparent til about seven in the evening? Either way, here is some evidence.

I am taking care of two dogs. Most people know that I have a general aversion to dogs, but not these heartbreakers.



We watched Julia Pott's video for Casiotone For The Painfully Alone's "White Corolla" (highly recommended viewing if you haven't seen it already!) :

I saw that Mike Oz had twittered a picture of a red velvet cupcake he got at the new bakery in Fresno. Of course, I had to go. Adam and I set forth on the adventure, acompanied by his musical selection of Lambchop. The name is cute, but that music is sexytime. Pants off! We arrived at CupCakes a half hour before they were to close. Even late, there was a line. Here were the remainders in the store:

At the start of the day, they usually have around 15 different flavors. Witness:

Adam chose a mini lemon cupcake and a regular blueberry, while I opted for mini German chocolate, chocolate chip, and red velvet:

That frosting was some of the best I've ever tasted. Normally I don't like to have much on a cupcake, but this was so delicious I could have gone for a few shots. Jeez. Get over there soon and try some.

Hey, you guys know about Gabriel Mann? New crush. I sure like googling that dude. Now I'm watching Morrissey in Manchester. I can't believe I've loved him this long, almost half my little life. Usually I am so fickle. You know, people are right. True love never dies.

Tell me your favorite.

Bespectacled Morrissey:

Silver Fox Morrissey:

Showman Morrissey:

Activist Morrissey:

How embarrassing. I'm sure you're just like me, and you'll take your Morrissey any way you can.

(Is that a theramin I hear in this live version of "I Know It's Going to Happen Someday"? No, it's just a whacked out guitar. Steven Patrick, you rogue! You always keep me on my toes.)


Anonymous said...

the best fathers day present i ever got for my dad was front row tickets to morrissey. he was doing a few smiths songs on the last tour and did "how soon is now?" which is my dad's favorite song. he cried so i cried. crazy

the first time i saw the moz was up at the rainbow ballroom in fresno which was awesome on many levels

sarah marie p said...

OOoh what kind of pup is Akachan?

Sooo cute!

And now I need some cupcakes. Yummers. what a cute date!

and my fav is bespectacled Morrissey. what a cutiepop!

edluv said...

i'm a big fan of silver fox moz.

elizabeth said...

Hey Aurora, it's Liz (Miss Alphabet)! I finally got a Blogger account just to keep up with certain people :)

I didn't know Fresno had a new bakery! We really need to meet up there sometime :)