Members Night at The Met.

Adam surprised me with an invite to Members Night at the grand re-opening of the Fresno Metropolitan Museum of Arts and Sciences.

Upon entrance, we were greeted with stations for kids. My favorite was the "Create Your Own Dinosaur" wall, where you could connect different body parts to create one GREAT MAGNIFICENT UNBELIEVABLE MONGREL DINO!!! Mongrel Dino, is that a good band name?

Everyone got in on the station's fun. Stacking blocks and movin' things. It's the best way to spend a Sunday night.

I loved this creepy Marie Antoinette doll! It was meant to demonstrate the damage the environment can do. Sad times. :(

The big exhibit right now is based on feathered dinosaurs. This was the largest one. Don't take pictures. I'm serious, don't. I was warned. Then Adam was warned.

The highlight of the evening was entering the classroom part of museum. We made awesome noisemakers out of plastic water bottle tops, a straw, a piece of rubber, a rubber band, and a sheet of construction paper. I'll be making these for everyone as gifts. So fun!

We went up to the top floor of the staircase, where it was nice and echo-y. Then Adam performed a solo tribute to Rahsaan Roland Kirk.

Adam's inspiration, Mr. Rahsaan Roland Kirk:

I picked up some dinosaur temporary tattoos in the gift shop and ate some Panda Express egg rolls before we left. Both were things I was not planning to do, but am glad that I did.

You know, temporary tattoos are so underrated. Those things are fantastic. I wish they made them with Steve Martin's face on them.