People Smagazine?

The new People Magazine's got a list about hot celebs right now. I saw it this morning at the market, so maybe you've seen it too. I'm guessing Steve Martin is not in it (I haven't actually picked it up and looked through it, but I am jaded and have so little faith in anything, plus I am self-rightous and protective of my "celebs", it's a messed up head I'm living in). I decided I would make my own list.

Here's my number one right now (subject to change within minutes, oh seconds, oh I found a Spock glass at the thrift store!), thanks to my friend Jefferson, who made me a copy of "Ecdysis" after I saw it at the radio station. I had lost my copy awhile ago and am so glad to have it again. I think it's a sign too, this post, because Elizabeth lent me all of the Cibo Matto cds to put on my ipod. Why did I get rid of this stuff? I hope I just left it behind in move number 42, so someone out there is enjoying it.

You know, I am going to get my hair cut like Miho Hatori's, with the little Lydia Dietz bangs.

That's from when, like 1995? Remember that album? So good.

Red lipzzz, I love it.

Oddly, the Miho Hatori Wikipedia page has no mention of Butter 08!! This is a travesty!!!

Here is a video for Miho Hatori's "Barracuda".

Tell me who you would include on your "hot list", or whatever you want to call it. I like these things.