Things against stuff.

Last night I sat on the couch at Shawna's and Joe's, with Adam next to me, watching the t.v. I knew Obama had a chance, but I had prepped myself so much for a scary numbers race that I was still shocked when he made his speech. I hadn't wanted to get too confident. This still feels completely surreal.

I just saw Gala Darling's video of people celebrating last night's win in New York. I wish I had wings. It made me so happy, I got a little teary. Check it out!

I texted Ian and Mark in Illinois at around eleven last night. "How's Chicago?" asked.

"Fucking mayhem" was the answer.

Are there any celebrations happening around Fresno?

...shall we make our own?!

Heads up-- I'm in the Art Showcase on Etsy today.

Speaking of Etsy, how cute is this tote that I stumbled upon? I'm sure my (fake) boyfriend Ira Glass would blush a little at such a tribute, but I can't help but agree with Arnfinn, who stitched it up. Lava!


Anonymous said...

happy bleated b-day A! i should have made you a cake, right?
itz been nice to reconnect. a recurrent happening for me lately.
the elections. ... YES! WOW!. i `can't begin to say how i feel. a new day, a new age, you can feel the energy in the air. i was overwhelmed and xstatic. everyone landslided him in. if things don't change there's gonna be a revolution. this is an amazing time to BE HERE NOW. ab

sarah marie p said...

Obamaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH!