What I Wore 11.6.08

I've been wanting to document what I wear for a long time, but have been hesitant because I do have a uniform of sorts. However, I thought it might be worth a try, since I love fashion blogs almost as much as I love potstickers.

T-shirt-Hanes Mens
Pants-Riders, Staight and Slim
Bolero-No idea (tag was cut out and I bought it at Emerald Thrift downtown)
Heavy chain necklace, worn as bracelet-Goodwill on Blackstone
Black patent Mary Janes-Goodwill on Blackstone

I do not buy clothes that aren't black, white, gray or red, because I like to think more about lines, texture and silhouettes more than color.

I have been trying to add color to my hair instead (notice the blue). I like a sleek outfit paired with messy hair, like an animal that just escaped a Dynasty casting special. Or think Corrie "Third Degree" Burns in a suit jacket.

I also try to consider the sustainability of the piece and if I don't already have something similar. My closet is sparse, especially considering how much I love clothing. If it's been used or handmade, then that's a plus.

Like every other lady with a computer, I've got a style crush on Kate Lanphear. Total cliche, but I lava her big time.

What are you wearing? Do you have any key pieces that make up your "look"?


sarah marie p said...

Lovin the blazer, er, bolero! Uber chic in B&W!

WendyB said...

Uh-oh! I'm adding you to the list!

Anonymous said...

you dress so much better than i do.

Btw your couch tour you did last year(ish) sort of inspired me. Since I have no job and nothing to do, I'm thinking about doing some drifting and writing about it. ack

Jo Anne said...

i'm with you on buying all black, white, gray, or red. key items for me are dark wash blue jeans (ok, black, white, gray, red, or BLUE) and printed tank tops that go well under a short-sleeved cardigan.

so this doesn't have much to do with fashion, but i saw this and immediately thought of you:


Laura said...

I love the bolero! I am currently in love with some funny little high wasted knee high things. Found em at the good will and brought em home as a laugh, but now absolutely adore them. they are perfectly strange laura style

elizabeth said...

Spiffy outfit! I'd publish more outfit entries in my LJ but the lighting sucks at my house...